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The ecosystem that comprises the United States healthcare system has embraced a technological revolution and the pace of change is accelerating. Our ability to transform processes, systems, organizations and the way we help people heal has been impacted by waves of innovation cascading from the field of information technologies over the last five decades. The ability of physicians, caregivers, and administrators to share needed healthcare information, both clinical and administrative, to improve the health of populations has improved and advanced beyond what was unimaginable earlier in history.

Accountable Care: Bridging the Health Information Technology Divide, First Edition, (Bridging the Divide) is a book, 17 months in the making, that touches on many elements of this technological journey with a focal point of clinically integrated accountable care organizations (ACOs) at the epicenter. As the nation and global health system shifts focus from volume-driven care to performance and quality-driven care, leadership is returning to the provider. This is resulting in a greater emphasis on clinical and administrative performance and on the priority of improving population health.

Three overarching influential factors touched on throughout the book are the aging of our US and global population (e.g., Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y), complexity of the healthcare system, and the continuous drive for new innovation. Each of these factors will continue to have a profound effect on the future development of how we deliver and administer care for patients in America and abroad.

Purpose of the Book
As a first edition text, Bridging the Divide starts a series that will focus on various aspects of health information technologies that are part of the future for accountable care organizations and other care delivery organizations. Many chapters were developed as an anthology of independent works by the authors, with the final chapter, The New Horizon, offering the reader a degree of integration with a predictive view, drawing upon many of the issues covered throughout the earlier chapters. The book helps meet educational needsand set strategic direction for organizations. Key topics covered include:

Key topics covered include:

  • State of affairs and landscape of the industry
  • Electronic health records
  • Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Health information exchange
  • Personal health records and mobile health
  • Quality and patient safety
  • Meaningful Use of electronic health records
  • Revenue cycle management and other financial implications for ACOs
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • The network transition and its strategic implications

Intended Audience
A historical perspective is provided for students of healthcare seeking to get a holistic sense of the information technology transformation underway. For the healthcare executive, physician, and caregiver audience, material is provided with depth of evidence to validate points made throughout each chapter. For policy makers, researchers, and those evaluating the direction of the industry, this work is offered as a reference manual and to provide insights on the complex nature of the healthcare system in this renaissance era.

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